Here we send you some links to pages we think will help you to learn Spanish whether you are a total beginner

or a more advanced student it applies to all of you!  Have fun and let us know what works for you from this list and 

also if you have some good ideas to add here!



25 Tips for Learning Spanish to Move You Closer to Native Fluency | FluentU Spanish

Livemocha - Learn languages online: Start for free ( (chat with natives)


Grammar exercises

Spanish Unicorn - Ejercicios de español

Top 15 de temas y ejercicios de español (

ProfedeELE (grammar, vocubulary, culture, functions, ortographics)



The world's best way to learn Spanish - Duolingo

Learn a language. Memrise is authentic, useful & personalised.


Fun stuff

Spanish Video Series: Buena Gente - Spanish Playground