Hi I am Ingrid Lommers

I was born in Holland and I love travelling and learning new things.  It´s  a long story how I came to Costa Rica and Panama but I am still very happy I did. I got a Máster in Developing Economics in Amsterdam and a Máster in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of León, Spain. 

In the Travelling Spanish Classrooms I joined all my passions and interests and I think I created the best job in the world! I enjoy teaching Spanish, showing you all the beautiful spots and people in Costa Rica and Panama and participate in exciting adventure activities!

Hope to travel and have fun with you on one of the upcoming trips!

Hola! My name is Patricio Beker

I am Panamanian. I became a Spanish teacher because I like to see how people learn a new language, how they discover something new, an expression, a colloquial term, local food, a habit. Also, I am attracted by the cultural richness that I acquire by being always surrounded by people from different places of the world. I love to travel, getting to know new places and ways of being. And a lot of times, a class is like a cultural interaction. I like to help you open your mind. To feel useful, that my work helps to get you closer to your goal, to improve your Spanish, makes me happy! See you soon!